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The Bible has been published in more editions, translated into more languages, and has exercised a greater influence over the history of the world than has any other book.

Maintained exclusively in hand-copied manuscript form for many centuries, the Bible was first printed in about 1450 by Johannes Gutenburg (left).



How to Enjoy the Bible
A 1916 book by E.W. Bullinger, available in its entirety online.


King James Bible Facts
A collection of facts, some of which pertain only to the KJV and some of which pertain to any translation.
Bible Facts
Another collection.  This one repeats some of the previous page, but it adds many new ones. 
Discovering the Bible: General Overview
This resource from BibleNet, provides a good deal of historical introduction.
Bible Summary Course
This course is designed to give an overview of the entire Bible.  From Quartz Hill School of Theology.

Reference Works

Easton Bible Dictionary
The main search page for the online version of M.G. Easton's 1897 Bible Dictionary.
American Tract Society Bible Dictionary
The top of this 1859 source, provided by Studylight.
Holman Bible Dictionary
A fine and recent reference source, provided by Studylight.
Smith's Bible Dictionary
In print since its 1884 inception, Smith's dictionary has proven an invaluable resource to generations of Bible readers.
International Standard Bible Encyclopedia
With nearly 9500 entries, this reference work covers a wealth of Bible-related topics.
Catholic Encyclopedia
The opening page from the public domain edition of this venerable reference work.
Columbia Encyclopedia
The introductory page from the 2001 edition of this reference work.
Adam Clarke's Clavis Biblica
The great English divine's tract on the scope of Biblical literature.

Great Bible Sites

Christian Classics Ethereal Library
This enormous site, now hosted at Calvin College, has all manner of patristic literature including many things linked individually throughout my site.
The Biblical Studies Foundation
This large site provides many of the individual links throughout my site.  They are strongly connected with Dallas Theological Seminary and are the home of the NET Bible.
Bible Research
This is a site maintained by Michael Marlowe.  He is learned in his outlook and conservative in his theology.

Bible Software

Logos Research Systems
Logos is the Bible software that I use.  It's incredibly powerful and can be customized to an amazing degree.
Olive Tree Bible Software
This outfit provides software for PDAs.  I've used an earlier version of their system.  I'll never forget being able to search for a verse in English and then switch over to Spanish so that I could read the verse to a Venezuelano who was just trusting the Lord.
This long-established program is described as "Sofrtware for Biblical exegesis and research."
Accordance Bible Software
This system is geared for Macintosh users.

Bible History

The Bible's Manuscript Evidence
This informative page is provided as a part of a debate over the veracity of the Bible as opposed to the Koran.
The Gutenberg Bible On-line
The British Library holds two copies of the Gutenberg Bible, one on paper and one on vellum.  These treasures have been scanned and made available online in their entirety.  The text is in Latin, of course, but they look great.
English Bible History
This site is connected with a dealer of fine leaves and whole Bibles.  To educate their clients, they provide this fine and concise history of the English Bible.  If you really like my site, you could buy me a 1611 King James there for only $400,000.

Language Tools

Modern Languages

The Unbound Bible

The people at Biola University provide the Unbound Bible, which hosts ten English translations and much more.

Spanish Bible I

The people at Biola have provided three translations of the Bible into Spanish through their Unbound Bible program.

Spanish Bible II

The people at God's Sight have placed the text of the Spanish Reina-Valera Bible online here.

French Bible
The Unbound Bible provides three different French translations of the scripture.  Hosted at Biola University.
Russian Bible
The Unbound Bible provides at least one Russian translation of the scripture.  It might be more, but I don't read Russian at all.  This comes courtesy of the nice people at Biola University.

Ancient Languages

Hebrew and Greek language resources will be found in the Old and New Testament sections respectively.
The Blue Letter Bible

An excellent resource, the Blue Letter Bible allows searching for words and phrases or going straight to a particular verse.  After displaying the verse, you can select commentaries, cross-references, and language helps.  The verse is displayed in the appropriate ancient language and each of the words is glossed.

Latin Vulgate Text
The website God's Sight provides this easily browsable (but not searchable) text to Jerome's Latin Vulgate Bible.
Ugarit and the Bible Introduction
This is a course from the Quartz Hill School of Theology.

Special Topics

Biblical Inerrancy

The Modern Inerrancy Debate
This is a well-reasoned and researched study by Dennis Bratcher.
Inerrancy and Infallibility of the Bible
This writer, P.D. Feinberg of the Elwell Evangelical Dictionary, lays out the various arguments for and against inerrancy.  He seems to come down against, but I'm not entirely clear of his stance.  Regardless, his facts are worthy of study.
Evangelicals and Inerrancy: The Current Debate
In this 1978 article from Theology Today, Clark H. Pinnock describes the situation as he saw it at that time.
Inerrancy Debate
This lengthy debate was held in the spring of 2004 on the "Internet Infidels" site.  I find it most intriguing because it shows the way in which debates of this sort wind up talking at cross purposes.  The Christian guy doesn't seem very direct in answer to his atheist opponent, and the atheist guy is even more obtuse.
The Chicago Statement on Biblical Inerrancy
This statement, produced in 1978, launched the International Council on Biblical Inerrancy.
Inerrancy:  Is the Bible Infallible, Inerrant, Free of Error?
This is the first of several pages on religioustolerance.org.  Be warned that the religious tolerance these people seem to embrace is one where everybody accepts everything (and therefore no one really believes much of anything).  Still, it is thought-provoking.
Biblical Inerrancy
A lengthy study by Reformed writer, John H. Gerstner.
Why I Believe in the Inerrancy of Scriptures
An article by Dave Miller.  It's hosted on the most unusual of sites, but the article itself seems pretty sound.  Honestly, though, I think Miller presses his argument a little harder than is warranted and than he needs to.
Modernism and Biblical Inerrancy
This long essay is written by Brian M. Schwertley, a Reformed Presbyterian pastor.
Biblical Inerrancy:  Missouri Synod Lutheran View
This brief answer to a question deals more with Martin Luther's approach to inerrancy than anything else.
A Statement of Scriptural and Confessional Principles
This statement of beliefs from the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod contains a very thorough description of just what Biblical inerrancy means to them.  Especially intriguing are the lists of what positions they will not accept.  Scroll down to IV for the pertinent info.
The Question Box:  Biblical Inerrancy
What do orthodox Catholics believe on the topic of inerrancy.  You'll find one answer to that question here.
Father Mateo on Biblical Inerrancy
This is another Catholic view on inerrancy.  In this one, Father Mateo (whoever he is) provides not just rationale but hyperlinked references to church teachings.
Biblical Inerrancy:  An LDS View
When you start adding scriptures, you always seem to wind up trashing the Bible.  Although this writer claims he's not attacking the Bible, he's attacking the Bible.  You can learn something about the LDS view of scripture from this.
The Error of Biblical Inerrancy
Here, Bernard Katz, contributing editor of American Rationalist, does his best to dismiss Biblical inerrancy.  His best isn't all that good, but it does require some thoughtful response.