The Book of the Twelve

Hosea: The Long-Suffering Bridegroom

Thirty devotions, written between July 25 and August 24, 2004, study Hosea's heart-felt cry to the straying people of Israel.

Joel: The Day of the Lord

Ten devotions, written between August 25 and September 4, 2004, examine the dire warnings in Joel's prophecies about the Day of the Lord.

Amos: The Promise of Despair and Hope

Here you'll find twenty-five devotions, written from September 5 to October 1, 2004, looking at the stern admonitions that God levels at a disobedient Israel, finishing it with a message of hope for all time.

Obadiah: No Hope for Edom

These five devotions, spanning the entirety of Obadiah's twenty-one verses, were written between October 2 and October 8, 2004.  They note the unrelenting nature of God's judgment on Edom.  You don't want to be against God!

Jonah: God's Way or No Way

This collection of thirteen devotions trace Jonah far beyond the fish belly.  Time and again, Jonah's story reminds us of the sovereignty of God as well as his love and justice.  They were written from October 9 to October 22, 2004.

Micah: The Cry of Justice

These twenty-six devotions explore Micah's demand for just behavior.  For some reason, these entries, more than those that went before, draw on contemporary events for their inspiration.  They were originally penned between October 25 and November 24, 2004.

Nahum: Message without Comfort

These nine devotions consider Nahum's message of unrelenting doom for Nineveh and the nation of Assyria.  They were written from November 25 to December 6, 2004.

Habakkuk: How Long, Lord?

These eighteen devotions follow the prayers of Habakkuk as he questions God and finds by way of an answer a deepened confidence in God's faithfulness.  They were written between December 7 and 28, 2004.

Zephaniah: Beware the Day of the Lord

These twelve devotions plumb the woeful tidings that Zephaniah brought to the people as he looked ahead toward the coming Day of the Lord.  They were penned for publication between December 30, 2004 and January 12, 2005.

Haggai: Build My House; Build My People

This file includes ten devotions, dated from January 13 to January 24, 2005.  In them, we explore the connections between God's admonition to build up his house in Jerusalem and the requirements of Christians to build up themselves as the temple of God.

Zechariah: There is a Fountain

A collection of thirty-six devotions from January 25 to March 7, 2005.  Beginning with Zechariah's rather grim description of the Day of the Lord, these move on to the hopeful messianic prophecies of the later chapters.

Malachi: Message of Hope; Message of Instruction

Eight devotions drawn from the words of Malachi, the Messenger.  Written for March 8 through March 16, 2005.  In these words, we see God's promise of a bright future for believers balanced with his admonitions for continued faithfulness.